Photography 2

This class require a time commitment outside of school to be successful.  An average of three hours a week outside of school is required.  

This year-long course provides students with a variety of technical and creative skills.  During the first and second quarter, students will learn manual camera functions including control of aperture, shutter speed, and various lenses.  Assignments explore the creative possibilities of manual control of the camera and lens. Digital manipulation and the creative side of photography will be explored.  Advanced Photoshop jobs will be assigned and video tutorial instructions on photography techniques will be explored. We will explore studio portraiture and principles of lighting. Students learn to use studio strobes and light modifiers. Creative and commercial studio portrait photography will be our main focus. Retouching and enhancing images in Photoshop will be taught. 

The second semester covers the natural/ambient light portraiture and more advanced studio photography techniques.  We will study on location portraiture using off-camera flash and reflectors. 

Students can earn 3 college units upon successful completion of the Photo 2 sequence thru Bakersfield College. 

Photo 2 Critique Corner

Visitor, we will be exploring Digital Manipulation, creative camera functions and the study of light, color and space.



Studio (Quarter 3) Visitor, during this time we will explore studio photography. From headshots, beauty shots, to creative jobs using props. Light ratios and patterns will also be explored during this time.


Natural (Quarter 4) Visitor, during this time we will explore natural light portraits, flash portraits outside, and the history of photography.

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