The Viking Studio

Here you will find the most common questions I get about The Viking Studio.
Who can take Digital Photo

Any student, grades 9–12, may enroll in Digital Photography. Students who want to take the advanced class must pass the Photo 1 class.

What's this stuff about running a business? It's not a real business, is it?

Yes,The Viking Studio is a real business, established Aug 16, 2017 in conjunction with Real World Scholars. We will serve the greater Bakersfield area in the photography and digital resources marketplaces like ShutterStock and IStock

IMPORTANT: None of us get paid. As a 501(c)(3) business entity, all profits are reinvested in new creative tools and resources for you to use. Our goal is to become a self-funded classroom.

Like any business, The Viking Studio is looking for inspired individuals willing to trade hard work for pay—in your case the pay’s in the form of cutting edge training. And who knows? Maybe one day, if you work hard enough, you’ll learn enough to set up your own shop.

I'm not good with computers. Does that matter?

If you’re willing to work hard it won’t matter at all because you’ll learn to use a computer like a pro.

IMPORTANT: If you want to learn and are willing to work each day, you’ll succeed. If you’re not really interested in working hard each day, please do us both a favor and take a different elective.

Am I going to be sitting at a computer all day? I want to take pictures!

Essentially this is a digital art class, which means instruction, and work is computer based.

  • You will use the computers to log on to this site, find out what you have to do, this might be watching a video or several.
  • You will use the computer to turn in your work.
  • You will use the computer to create and maintain your own website.
  • You will use the computer to work in Photoshop, our industry standard editing software.
  • You will use the computer to research and find information (Youtube and other sources that will teach you photography, Photoshop and career skills)
  • You will use the computer to work in Google apps for education (Sites, Drive, Slides, Docs, Forms)
  • You will use the computer to download your images from your camera (very important)

The answer to the question, well it entirely depends on you how much time you want to spend on the computer. How so, well typically if your are editing your images and working in Photoshop you will spend a good amount of time on the computer. But you are able to earn privileges. Like using the Photography studios to practice and learn techniques, or to go out on campus to shoot during class. Once you EARN those privileges you can get up from your computer as frequently as you want.

How will I learn?

The Viking Studio is not like your normal elective. It’s a blended/flipped class where I teach in groups, one-on-one, and videos from your computer.

The class is geared towards student mastery of the skills and techniques. You will not be able to move on without proving to the Boss that you know the material.

Will we will be only learning about photography?

This class will explore the basics of digital photography. Black and white photography and composition techniques such as elements of photographic composition, and the elements of art.

We will also explore photo retouching, and restoring damaged photographs. Since you are my employee all jobs are to be taking seriously.

I heard we get paid and pay rent whats that all about?

You work, you get paid, you pay. (That’s life)

You will sign a renters agreement before you start the class. The agreement states that you will pay me rental fees for my equipment as well as the studio space. 

You will get paid each job you complete and master. You will be able to use this cash for purchases in our store and any fees or unexpected financial problems you might encounter.

When will I get to start taking pictures?

You NEVER have to wait until you come to The Viking Studio to take pictures. You own a cell phone or a DSLR? You can take pictures all the time!

What you mean is when will I be able to go out during class on campus and take pictures?

I’d say around Week 5 but if you progress through the training by working during your own time, a lot sooner.

What if I don't like your jobs and wan't to do my own thing?

You will have an opportunity to earn creative freedom. Note the word, earn.

If you chose to work toward creative freedom on day one, you could earn your first 20% privilege by week six. That means you would have the right to work on any school appropriate project of your choosing one day a week from that point forward (providing, of course, you continue to work diligently for the Viking Studio the other four days.

Please understand that creative freedom is an earned privilege and not a right.

If there's no homework or tests, how do you grade?

Your grade entirely depends on you and how much work you put into learning new skills and producing quality work.

The class does not grade like your normal class. It has a competency/mastery based grading scale. 

Your grade depends on what you can show me. Not what you can memorize (then forget). You will NEVER receive any form of extra credit in this class.

You will be creating websites, where all of your work will be documented and you will be summarizing what you learned to me each week.

  • Quarter 1 Grade = Is basically training, you learn how to create your website, turn things in, all the procedures and rules. Everyone usually earns an A because it is very easy because I show you how to do everything and you can ask for help as much as you want. 35% of final grade
  • Quarter 2 Grade = Required jobs are assigned, Rent is due each week. If you don’t do your required jobs you will fail or be very close to failing. 50% of final grade
  • Semester Grade =  Is a combination of your Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 grades. You will turn in your required jobs (which you should have all done at this time) for the semester and do a composite final image. 15% of final grade.

Come into class every day and work hard you will earn an A. If you are like students I have seen in the past who just want to barely pass or get by, please find another elective.


Why use videos, Why don't you talk to us like regular teachers?

The first answer to that question is, “I am a regular teacher”

Teaching is a science, a skill and a two teachers teach the same. So why do I use videos? Lets say you missed a day, a week, or if your new to The Viking Studio how would you get the previous lecture information? Videos help us catch up and better understand the content because they are always available. If you don’t understand something that was said rewind it. You do it all the time with Youtube and your DVR at home with your favorite TV show. I’m doing the exact same thing..

Is this a art class or a technology class?

The easy answer to both of those is “YES!!!”

This is digital photography you know…

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