Week 09:

Visitor, now that things are rolling, I will name an Employee of the Week as well a Blog of the week each week.  Congratulations to these employee’s!!

 New York and Washington D.C. Photo Trip Survey


Blog of the Week: You have an awesome theme, your work is well documented, you site is organized and you have personalized it. 

CJ Photography

Employee of the Week: You have shown me some great images and work as well as effort. This is also reflected in your documentation.

Keely Lopez

Photo 1 Week 09 instructions

THIS WEEK:  After reviewing the REQUIRED info (above) and watching today’s videos you may pick up where you left off last week.

  • Start working on the required jobs.
  • Upcoming Demo: A deeper look at the Camera (Choice)
  • Shutter Speed Demo: with water balloons (Whole class outside) TBA

Use the Studio, enjoy your time. Experiment, Go outside, Use the Camera…..

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