Week 07:

Visitor, now that things are rolling, I will name an Employee of the Week as well a Blog of the week each week.  Congratulations to these employee’s!!

Blog of the Week: You have an awesome theme, your work is well documented, you site is organized and you have personalized it. 

Employee of the Week: You have shown me some great images and work as well as effort. This is also reflected in your documentation.

  • Eric H. P7
  • I will pick two though there were quite a few from this period that deserve it. Jaycynda G. and Keely L. P6
  • Lasha W. P5
  • Zeric A. and Misti S. P4
  • Isis B. P3
  • Catalina C. P2
  • Luis T. P1

Remember this:

  • Do your jobs right the first time, so I don’t send it back and make you do it over.
  • Check your links/urls,  if you send me the wrong url I won’t let you keep the cash.
  • Choice is good. You can choose which jobs you want to do for the quarter.
  • Experiment, in Photoshop and with your camera.


Photo 1 Week 07 instructions

THIS WEEK:  After reviewing the REQUIRED info (above) and watching today’s videos you may pick up where you left off last week.

  • Visitor, watch this VIDEO
  • And watch this VIDEO
  • Upcoming Demo: A deeper look at the Camera (Choice)
  • Shutter Speed Demo: with water ballon’s (Whole class outside)

Wednesday there will be  an Introduction to the Internal Affairs or the Viking Investigations Division – A brief spoiler, if your links are bad, you don’t document all jobs or your Weekly VSD is not on your blog. You will be in danger of being investigated. 

Use the Studio, enjoy your time. Experiment, Go outside, Use the Camera…..

Photo 2 Week 07 instructions

  • Visitor, watch this VIDEO
  • And watch this VIDEO

You have a job due each week make sure you see Creative Job page to see when they are due..

You should have or be working on the below items.

Upcoming Demo’s

  • Advanced Camera Controls
  • Finding Inspiration (Other Photographers)

You Jobs

  • One book One Image/images are due THIS WED
  • First shots are due the following Friday.
  • If you are not taking pictures in class make sure you are working on your website as well as the Required jobs.
  • You should be at least a Newb 01 at this point. If you are a Newb 01 you can now work on Creative Jobs Please create your ID Badge as well as take the Camera Test in order to go out of class.

Each week you will have a new image due.

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