Week 05:

NEW: If you would like to use a blog site from my please fill out this form.

NEW STUDENTS: Begin with the Orientation

Visitor, you should have documented your work for Week 4: Many of you have not, thus your grade in Synergy shows it. I will not go back and enter it in the grade book after the Gateway has closed. Sorry…

If you would like the experience as well as cash for your documentation I am making it available until 7am Tuesday morning. After the rewards will be set to 0.

Photo 1 Week 05 instructions

You should know how to do quite a bit in this class by now.

If you do not know how to do something, before you raise your hand go to the How to Video section located on the VST page. If you need help see this page first as that is what I will tell you to do. If it is something that is not explained on this page, I will be more than happy to help you out.

Visitor, you are now behind, if you have not completed the Workshop.

THIS WEEK:  After reviewing the REQUIRED info (above) and watching today’s videos (below) you may pick up where you left off last week.



You should be at least a Newb 01 at this point. If you are a Newb 01 you can now work on Q1 jobs. Please create your ID Badge as well as take the Camera Test in order to go out of class.

Photo 2 Week 05 instructions

You should have or be working on the below items.



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