Photo 1 is a basic course in photography where students gain basic knowledge of DSLR cameras. Students will learn basic camera controls, the basics of digital photography, digital manipulation as well as image editing or retouching. We will explore the elements and principles of design as they relate to photographic composition. Students will learn to discuss their works and others. They will be introduced to professional work either online or in person through guest speakers. Students will participate in at least two student shows on and off campus.

Students start off in our Viking Studio workshop. During this self-guided workshop, students will gradually be introduced to what is considered key concepts as well as topics that will help shape their attitudes for learning. Students will also be introduced to Photography concepts that will allow them later in the year to have more freedom as to what jobs they would like to work on, eventually earning the status of a freelance photographer. 

 This class requires 1 hour of time outside of class.

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